Let’s build the future of journalism together

We are the tech workers of The New York Times. We work behind the scenes to make the world’s most trusted news source the best it can be. Together we have formed a new unit in the Times-Guild of New York, joining our coworkers in an effort to build a fair and equitable workplace.

Our Mission

We choose to work at The New York Times because we care deeply about our mission. The same values that brought us here — integrity, respect and collaboration — compel us to organize.

We believe that a vibrant and healthy workplace is not only compatible with our mission, it is essential to it. To truly uphold the ideals The Times espouses, to make “society stronger and more just,” we must champion them with the same tenacity and dedication in practice as we do on the page. By forming a union, we can address some of our most pressing issues:

We strive for excellence, but recognize that it is predicated on fairness and transparency around compensation. Excellence also comes over time: it is built through clear, equitable promotion processes.

We strive for a curious and collaborative work environment, but understand that can only be achieved through independence, as well as clear roles and responsibilities.

We strive for a workplace characterized by integrity and respect, one that is diverse, representative, and equitable. One enriched by a plurality of voices.

Solidarity in our upcoming contract campaign empowers us to pursue these goals, and allows us to stand with our peers where they have previously stood alone.

The Stewards' Pledge

We formed a union because we care about The New York Times and want to fulfill its mission of becoming the best place to work in media. To do this, we pledge to stand in solidarity as stewards of our union.

Member Testimonials

Danielle Medellin, Senior Analyst, Subscription Growth

Coming into the union, I had my own list of improvements I wanted to see and things I thought should be included in our first contract. As I continued to meet with other members, I noticed just how much of the picture I was missing. I left each conversation and panel with a new understanding of what some of my colleagues were struggling with or fighting for, but also an overwhelming sense of solidarity in wanting to help each other. Each one of us has visible and invisible identities that are often overlooked by management when new processes and policies are introduced. Whether that overlooking is intentional or not, we deserve to have the opportunity for our voices to be heard, for our working conditions to be beneficial and accommodating for all, for inclusion to be the norm and not an afterthought. Through the union we can ensure underrepresented groups are supported and protected, because we are the union. I am excited to build a unit that listens to, includes, and advocates for all of its members!

Support From the Labor Movement

Alberta Devor and Rob Ruenes, Members of Alphabet Workers Union, New York Chapter

We’re proud to stand in solidarity with the unionized NYT tech workers and publicly welcome them into CWA. We’re thrilled to see our fellow tech workers building power in the labor movement. Organizing will not only help NYT workers fight for their own rights, but will also improve conditions for workers across our field.