NYT Tech Guild Stewards' Pledge

Our Pledge

We formed a union because we care about The New York Times and want to fulfill its mission of becoming the best place to work in media. To do this, we pledge to stand in solidarity as stewards of our union.

In support of fellow workers, shop stewards commit to standing with every member of the unit. We each commit to:

  • treating each other with kindness and respect and to giving each other (and ourselves) grace when faced with challenges

  • taking concrete action if any unit member were to face retaliation for supporting the union — including job actions, filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board, and organizing public campaigns of support

  • meeting regularly with our designated group of coworkers to make sure every member’s voice is heard and that everyone is able to actively build our power as a union

  • representing our coworkers in disciplinary settings and helping tough conversations lead to better outcomes for fellow members

Together, united, we have the power to make The New York Times the best it can be.

In solidarity,

The Stewards Network