Let’s build the future of journalism together

We are the tech workers of The New York Times. We work behind the scenes to make the world’s most trusted news source the best it can be. Together, by forming a new unit in the Times-Guild of New York, we’re joining our coworkers in an effort to build a fair and equitable workplace.

Our Mission

We choose to work at The New York Times because we care deeply about our mission. The same values that brought us here — integrity, respect and collaboration — compel us to organize.

We believe that a vibrant and healthy workplace is not only compatible with our mission, it is essential to it. To truly uphold the ideals The Times espouses, to make “society stronger and more just,” we must champion them with the same tenacity and dedication in practice as we do on the page. By forming a union, we can address some of our most pressing issues:

We strive for excellence, but recognize that it is predicated on fairness and transparency around compensation. Excellence also comes over time: it is built through clear, equitable promotion processes.

We strive for a curious and collaborative work environment, but understand that can only be achieved through independence, as well as clear roles and responsibilities.

We strive for a workplace characterized by integrity and respect, one that is diverse, representative, and equitable. One enriched by a plurality of voices.

Forming a union empowers us to pursue these goals, and allows us to stand with our peers where they have previously stood alone.

We already have 1,300+ colleagues in the NewsGuild at The Times. We’re proud and excited to join them and thousands of other tech workers, who are standing up for themselves like never before.

Petition Times Management to Stop Union Busting

A strong majority of tech workers at The Times announced our union drive in April and requested voluntary recognition. Times management responded with a concerted anti-union campaign and have recently escalated to illegal tactics, so we have filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge at the National Labor Relations Board. 

We stand in solidarity with our colleagues who are being targeted, and are asking you to show your public support. Join us in calling on CEO Meredith Levien to stop union busting and recognize our union.

Meet the Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee Pledge

We are forming a union because we care about The New York Times and want to make it the best company it can be. To do this, we pledge to stand in solidarity as an organizing committee.

Member Testimonials

Kathy Zhang, Senior Analytics Manager for the Home Screen

I love working at The New York Times, and I’m excited to form this union with my colleagues! We all care so much about our journalistic mission and work very hard to deliver the news to our readers. Tech workers getting a seat at the table and adding our voice to decision-making around our products and policies will only make our work and our organization stronger!

Taylor Poulos, Product Designer on Publishing

Everyone I work with at The Times is incredibly thoughtful, kind, and compassionate. I’m so excited to form a union with these folks, and believe that together we’ll be able to work with management to build an equitable, fair, and just workplace.

Yuchen Jin, Software Engineer in Data Engineering

Being able to work for The New York Times is truly one of the best things that has happened to me. I am incredibly proud to work for this company and I know I’m not alone. The entire organizing committee’s dedication to the unionizing effort is a testament to that. We want to stay and make this company the best it can be, and that cannot happen without equity, transparency and the right for all workers to have a say in the workplace.

Support From the Labor Movement

Alberta Devor and Rob Ruenes, Members of Alphabet Workers Union, New York Chapter

We’re proud to stand in solidarity with the unionized NYT tech workers and publicly welcome them into CWA. We’re thrilled to see our fellow tech workers building power in the labor movement. Organizing will not only help NYT workers fight for their own rights, but will also improve conditions for workers across our field.

Clarissa Redwine, Kickstarter United Organizer

For decades, tech workers at The New York Times have labored alongside the unionized Times writers and creators supported by the Guild. It's time for every worker at this cultural institution to have a seat at the table.

This is a unique moment in the tech worker movement. The depth of solidarity and determination of the organizers at The Times is a testament to the organizing of countless workers in every industry who have tirelessly demonstrated the strength of collective action.

Tech workers at The Times are part of a rich narrative that's just beginning to unfold: the narrative of worker power in tech. I have every confidence that they will give us a good story.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve spoken with nearly all of you about how unions work and what a unionized workplace would mean for us. Below is a brief overview. Please contact us, attend one of our upcoming general meetings, or reach out to any organizing committee member with questions — we’d love to hear from you.

And if you haven’t already, join us and sign a membership card today! (select shop N!)