Solidarity Statements

Alberta Devor and Rob Ruenes, Members of Alphabet Workers Union, New York Chapter

We’re proud to stand in solidarity with the unionized NYT tech workers and publicly welcome them into CWA. We’re thrilled to see our fellow tech workers building power in the labor movement. Organizing will not only help NYT workers fight for their own rights, but will also improve conditions for workers across our field.

Addy Baird, Unit Chair, BuzzFeed News Union

From the BuzzFeed News Union to the Times Tech Guild: WELCOME to the NewsGuild! We are honored to support you in your recognition fight, and we know firsthand how powerful unionizing can be. Your relationships to each other, to work, and to workers everywhere will change for the better, and you're paving a path for so many other workers who will be inspired by your organizing. Solidarity forever!

Vincent Rickey, Technology Classification Director, IAPE Local 1096 TNG CWA

I support the NYT tech workers’ right to unionize and to bargain for a fair contract. Unions are one of the best tools for workers to have a real say in their workplace through a democratic process. As a union, workers can hold companies accountable when they see discrimination, questionable disciplinary actions, or unsafe working conditions in ways that would not be possible as an individual employee.

Clarissa Redwine, Kickstarter United Organizer

For decades, tech workers at The New York Times have labored alongside the unionized Times writers and creators supported by the Guild. It's time for every worker at this cultural institution to have a seat at the table.

This is a unique moment in the tech worker movement. The depth of solidarity and determination of the organizers at The Times is a testament to the organizing of countless workers in every industry who have tirelessly demonstrated the strength of collective action.

Tech workers at The Times are part of a rich narrative that's just beginning to unfold: the narrative of worker power in tech. I have every confidence that they will give us a good story.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Unit Chair, Law360 Union

Law360 is so excited to welcome The New York Times’ tech staff to the NewsGuild! You’re an amazing addition to our local. Your hard work drives The Times in so many ways, and you deserve a strong contract that reflects that. We’re with you all the way!

Leslie Dickstein, Unit Chair, The TIME Union

The TIME Union stands in solidarity with the NYT tech workers Union. Congratulations and welcome to the NewsGuild of New York!

Lily Hay Newman, Unit Chair, The WIRED Union

The WIRED Union is thrilled about the organizing that went into the Times Tech Guild and we are so excited to welcome you to the NewsGuild of New York. Tech workers and all who work for tech companies deserve fair, equitable, and decent working conditions. The Times Tech Guild is taking a stand at the intersection of media and tech, both industries where the status quo for workers is, shall we say, ripe for disruption!

Adrianne Jeffries, Unit Chair, The Markup Union

The Markup is proud to welcome the tech workers of The New York Times to NewsGuild! Every department deserves a union. These workers are a critical component of modern journalism, and we are thrilled that they will now have a collective voice.