NYT Tech Guild Organizing Committee Pledge

Our Pledge

We are forming a union because we care about The New York Times and want to make it the best company it can be. To do this, we pledge to stand in solidarity as an organizing committee.

Technology is an integral part of The New York Times. Over the last decade, it has grown to be the second largest branch of the company, right after the Newsroom. Consequently, we as Technology workers are in a position to leverage our collective power and build a foundation to enact change and institute protections for workers for decades to come.

We are already united as coworkers committed to the stewardship of this important institution. We are already motivated by mutual respect and the recognition of our colleagues’ humanity, regardless of their eligibility in ourbargaining unit. We are focusing this commitment and motivation into organizing a union in order to create an environment where our values are at the forefront of our work. Our priorities come from grassroots conversations with unit members, and will evolve over time, but they include efforts to improve equity, career advancement, and health care benefits across our unit. It is only through a union that we can hold the company accountable to meet these goals.

Shifting existing power structures to give workers a democratic say in our working conditions is a big change! There will be difficult and uncertain times ahead of us, but the only way forward is together.

We as Organizing Committee members commit to standing with every member of the unit throughout this process. We commit to treating each other with kindness and respect and to giving each other (and ourselves) grace when this work is hard to manage. We commit to taking concrete action if any unit member were to face retaliation for supporting the union, including job actions, filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board, and organizing public campaigns of support. Together, united, we have the power to make The New York Times the best it can be.

In solidarity,

The Organizing Committee

Kait Hoehne
Yuchen Jin
Goran Svorcan-Merola
Gonzalo Diaz
Sarah Duncan
Kathy Zhang
Kevin Cooper
Shay Culpepper
Romina Barrett
Nora Keller
Riley Sykes
Katie Leavitt
Benjamin Harnett
Matt Clawson
Nathan Taylor
Jamal Rogers
Martha Edwards
Taylor Poulos
Carrie Price
Christopher Shea
Moustafa Makboul
Bon Champion
John Cruickshank
Gabriela Contreras-Cisneros
Dylan Nugent
A. Vicki Crosson
Sierra Saitta-Zelterman
Christina Schnabel
Jeff Sisson
Mike Buzzetti
Angela Guo
Minerva Archer
Jeremiah Via
Raymond Berger
Daniel Lim
Ivan Rocha
Ryan Lakritz
Angie Kim
Rachel Lederer
Olov Sundström
Meghan Hurlburt
Steven Mills
Jenn Kanjana
Joseph Kohlmann
Angelique De Castro
Orr Shtuhl
Nozlee Samadzadeh
Kentaro Kaji
Deeksha Mehta
Stephen Ward
Veronique Brossier
Jeff Registre
Arielle Chapin
Claire Casey
Mark Paul Keefe
Zev Eisenberg
Sudheer Palagiri